Every country worldwide is dealing with at least one and most often multiple crises. Whether natural disasters, wars, persecution, terrorism, refugee movements, or political unrest, Christian journalists are on the front lines, searching out the truth and publishing the information your readers need in order to respond as those called to be light and salt in a chaotic world.

At Crisis Publishing Initiative conferences you will gain the knowledge, skills, and resources you need in order to research, report, and publish responsibly in crisis situations. Our conferences on publishing in the midst of crisis will:

  1. provide practical help to writers, editors, and publishers in covering crises and communicating truthfully and fairly to your readers, offering a biblical perspective and providing resources for Christians and the church; and
  2. provide reliable background information on a series of crises with which many publishers worldwide must deal and about which you must write.

For this reason the Crisis Publishing Initiative (CPI) was formed. To keep up with details related to CPI, please subscribe to our newsletter by filling out the form below.