Digital Journalism Workshop

Date:June 30, 2022
(After CPI conference)
Time:8:00 AM – 5:00 PM CDT

A one-day workshop following the Crisis Publishing Initiative conference will focus on using digital means to communicate before, during, and after crises. The digital journalist will learn which social media platforms are used by which countries in order to communicate quickly, accurately, and reliably. You’ll learn how to use digital storytelling to communicate news and feature stories. And you’ll discover how to use various social media and how to get the best response to your stories.

Program Director

Jeremy Weber is the workshop program director. He will lead an international training team of seasoned journalists with broad experience in digital media. Jeremy is the director of CT Global at Christianity Today, seeking to fulfill founder Billy Graham’s vision of a “central nervous system” for the global body of Christ so that the best Christian storytellers and sages from every nation can inform and inspire fellow believers in every other nation. An award-winning journalist based in Chicago, Jeremy has traveled to 35 countries and launched CT’s multilingual publishing initiative, which produced 350+ translations in 2020 and reached 1.5 million readers. He graduated from Wheaton College, and has worked at Christianity Today since 2008. Jeremy taught MTI’s Magazine Editing Course in Kenya in 2018 and has taught online with MTI.


The conference will be held at The Conference Center at the University of St. Mary of the Lake in Mundelein, Illinois, a suburb of Chicago.


11:15-11:45Coffee break
13:00-14:00Lunch break
15:00-15:30Coffee break

Cost for workshop

Commuter$ 50
Resident single room$ 160
Resident double room$ 147 (per person)
Commuters: Lunch is included in the registration price.
Residents: The registration includes overnight accommodations Thursday night, lunch and supper on Thursday, and breakfast on Friday.