The hotel is an island of peace and tranquility in a beautiful green oasis in the middle of the Sopron Nature Reserve. The special sub-alpine climate is perfect for outdoor sports enthusiasts. After the conference enjoy local attractions and relax in the Jacuzzi or sauna, or have a splash in the pool. Take a stroll along the well-established hiking trails, cycle safe bike paths,  discover the ancient town of Sopron and the charming scenery around Fertő Lake (Neusiedler Lake)—or skip across to neighboring Austria.

Rooms and services
The hotel has 180 rooms. The hotel and its grounds are  designated as non-smoking areas, with the exception of a few rooms. Rooms are available on a half-pension basis, with a buffet breakfast and buffet supper included with your room. Hotel rooms are equipped with a hair dryer, refrigerator, radio, and color TV. Free Wi-Fi is available in common areas and in guest rooms.



We were able to get an excellent price on a block of rooms for the conference. Only a few rooms are available so we asked the hotel to hold the remaining rooms for us. We are the only ones able to make a reservation for the hotel during the conference dates. You will need to contact us directly, at, to reserve your room. If you’d like to share the expense of a room with a roommate we assign, please mention this in your email.

Reserve your room

Cost of rooms (on half pension basis):
Single rooms: 44 Euros/night
Double rooms: 60 Euros/night

Use of pool, sauna, and jacuzzi are included in the rate. This is a spa hotel. A wide variety of other spa services are available for a very reasonable fee.

Getting to the Hotel

The closest airport to Sopron is the Vienna International Airport. However, if you must get a Hungarian Schengen visa, you may need to arrive in Budapest. Check with the embassy before purchasing your flight.

If you arrive in Vienna:
You may take the train from the Vienna airport to Sopron, transferring at the Hauptbahnhof (Main Train Station) in Vienna. Friends of the ministry will meet you in the airport and help you get on your way to the conference. We will send a taxi to the Sopron train station to pick you up.

If you arrive in Budapest:

You may take the train to Sopron from the Keleti Train Station in Budapest. When you arrive at the Budapest airport, a volunteer will meet you and help you get to the Keleti Train Station. We will send a taxi to the Sopron train station to pick you up.

More details are available when you register for the conference.

Check the train schedule


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