American and German Foundations join Crisis Publishing Initiative as Sponsors

Magazine Training International (MTI) is pleased to announce new partnerships with co-sponsor Tyndale House Foundation and contributing sponsor Stiftung Christliche Medien, as they join the Crisis Publishing Initiative. The Crisis Publishing Initiative conference will be held on Oct. 15-18, 2017, at the Hotel Lövér in Sopron, Hungary.

The Initiative is for Christians in publishing on the front lines, as they seek to find the truth in chaotic situations and publish the information their readers need in order to respond to crises as those called to be light and salt in a fractured world.

“We value the opportunity to partner with MTI for the Crisis Publishing Initiative because we see it as another opportunity where we can pool the resources God has given each of us and invite him to act,” says Mary Kleine Yehling, vice president and executive director of Tyndale House Foundation (THF). Continue reading “American and German Foundations join Crisis Publishing Initiative as Sponsors”