Yes, you’re publishing in the midst of crisis

crisis-logo-CPIWhy should I attend the Crisis Publishing Initiative? I’m not publishing in the midst of crisis.

Really? Are your readers impacted by fears of terrorism? Or are they concerned about the influx of refugees into the country? Do they worry about the increase in violent crimes in their cities or the political turmoil in the country next door? Were they affected by the last flood, earthquake, or typhoon?

Face it. You are publishing in the midst of crisis, whether or not your publication reflects that fact.

Are you helping your readers understand what is really going on? Are you giving them the information they need to respond to the crises around them as Christians? Or are they dependent on solely secular sources for often biased information and angry, strident voices for opinion? Continue reading “Yes, you’re publishing in the midst of crisis”

Christian Publishers Invited to Initiative on Publishing in the Midst of Crisis

Terrorist attacks, displaced refugees, war, hunger, poverty, and more crises plague the world today. Christian publishing professionals face numerous challenges as they report on the catastrophic events that effect their readers. Whether journalists are under attack personally or trying to help those who are, it can be difficult to know where to begin.

For this reason, Magazine Training International (MTI) will offer a three-and-a-half-day Crisis Publishing Initiative: Professional Training in Covering Crises on 15 – 18 October, 2017, in Europe.

“This Initiative is coming at a critical time in history,” says MTI President Sharon Mumper. “The world is embroiled in turmoil, and it seems every nation is impacted by multiple crises. Christian magazines have a responsibility to report on complex crises accurately and with sensitivity, giving their readers the information they need to respond as Christians.” Continue reading “Christian Publishers Invited to Initiative on Publishing in the Midst of Crisis”

MTI announces plans for Crisis Publishing Initiative

The world is awash in crises of every kind, from the refugee crisis to earthquakes to terrorism and economic collapse. People are buffeted on all sides by often false and ungodly messages.

In this environment, Christian publishers have a responsibility to discover and publish the truth and to try to mold the opinion of their readers. Christian publishers can report honestly on the conflict, provide practical help in dealing with the ramifications of the conflict, and present a biblical perspective on the crisis.

However, they can do this only if writers and editors have the necessary training to report safely, accurately, and responsibly in the midst of chaos and to evaluate and process often conflicting information. Continue reading “MTI announces plans for Crisis Publishing Initiative”