Connect with journalists worldwide at the Crisis Publishing Initiative

Join Christian journalists, editors, publishers, and bloggers from around the world as we gather to discuss how best to meet the challenges of a world increasingly impacted by crises of all kinds, from terrorism to war to natural disasters.

In the midst of crisis, half-truths and wild rumors abound, sowing confusion and fear. People are buffeted on all sides by often false and ungodly messages.

We believe it is the responsibility of Christians to find and publish the truth and to offer the information and resources which make it possible for the church to respond as those called to be light and salt in the world. Christian publishers can report honestly and truthfully on conflict, provide practical help in dealing with the ramifications of disaster, and offer a biblical perspective on crisis. However, most of us do not have the tools we need to handle this responsibility skillfully and effectively.

The Crisis Publishing Initiative will equip Christians in publishing with the knowledge, skills, and resources we need in order to research, report, and publish responsibly in crisis situations.

What people are saying

“This is so timely and critical for current times–and important for Christian publications to be equipped and prepared.”

Anita Deyneka, World Without Orphans

“We believe that a conference focusing on both the practical and spiritual implications of covering and interpreting multiple crises is needed.”

Sharon Mumper, president, MTI

“Comics play an important part in crisis publishing. So our ministry has joined with MTI to promote the subject of crisis publishing internationally.”

Nathan Butler, president, COMIX35