International Christian Media Commission Joins Crisis Publishing Coalition

Magazine Training International (MTI) is pleased to announce that the International Christian Media Commission (ICMC) has joined the Crisis Publishing Initiative Coalition.

Coalition members are publishers, journalists, humanitarian organizations, and others who make up a board of reference for the Crisis Publishing Initiative to be held 15 – 18 October, 2017, in Sopron, Hungary. Coalition members advertise the program to their constituents,  recommend speakers, and serve as advisors to program organizers.

“Christian journalists face tough decisions and choices–especially in the Developing World,” says Andrew Steele, senior associate of ICMC Partners in Communication. “The International Christian Media Commission is pleased to support the Crisis Publishing Initiative as it provides a space where we can come together and engage with the issues that we each face, offering support to those who are under pressure and insight to home audiences.”

“We are pleased to welcome ICMC as a coalition partner for this institute.” says MTI President Sharon Mumper. “I look forward to working together in the future.” Continue reading “International Christian Media Commission Joins Crisis Publishing Coalition”